Thursday, 26 May 2011

We interrupt broadcasting for a short service message

I would just like to make something very clear, this is my blog, and I will post what I dam well like, not what some antipodean old fart who has to resort to posting anonymously because he has made himself so unpopular on forums that he has turned one into a wasteland and been banned from another thinks I should write. I am no longer accepting anonymous comments and will post again if and when I have calmed down a bit.


  1. Good for you, lady. Your idiot anonymous doesn't sound like the pompous one that has annoyed the couple of forums that I frequent, but, sad to say, idiots abound.

  2. Hey, the name is Harry and you might of seen me on, but I want to say that i've read ALL your blog (crazy I know) and would like to say I find it really interesting and informative, even though I want to be an Engine Officer :P, don't let any idiots annoy you, keep up the good work !

  3. Hi S4
    I still think yours is one of the best deck cadet blogs out there ( no offense to the others :)
    Keep blogging whatever you want to.