Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A daily diary - 1st Trip THV Patricia

Apologies in advance for what is probably a rather more dull blog post than you have become accustomed to from me, but on the other hand, life on ship isn't always that fun and interesting and there are often long periods when life is fairly dull and monotonous. Plus, there's really no way of making brass polishing sound interesting!! This blog is my way of catching up quickly on past events, as I only have about a week and a half before I am off to sea again, which I will be telling more about soon!

To make it more interesting you might wish to read it while also looking at the photos from this trip, which tell the story just as well really. Click here to go to the photo set!

2nd July 2009
In port, Liverpool
Am. Final polishing of the cannons on the boat deck aft.
Pm. Leave ashore. VC (Visiting Committee) joined the ship in the afternoon and held a big dinner party, which went on a bit later than expected, so it was 2330 before the guests had gone ashore and we let go lines.
Vessel steamed overnight to Workington.

3rd July
Workington – Moelfre, Red Wharfe Bay
Am. On the bridge, I read and signed the Masters standing orders, and got on with finding out the ships particulars and details for record book.
Pm. We were shown around the engine room by the Chief Engineer and gathered more information for our workbooks.
When the ship arrived at the next buoy (a class 1) I went out in the work boat to watch one of the AB's and the second mate replace a racon beacon.
Anchored overnight.

4th July
Molefre – Pwllheli, Tremadog Bay (North Cardigan Bay)
Am. Polishing brass.
Pm. Study.
Anchored overnight.

5th July
Pwllheli – Bardsey Island - Pwllheli
Am. Study.
Pm. 1200 -1600 watch on bridge
Vessel steamed overnight to Caldey Island.

6th July
Caldey Island - Swansea
Am. 0800- 1200 watch, I spent a good hour and a half holding the ship in position standing off Caldey Island using the bow thruster and props
Pm. Study.

7th July
In port, Swansea.
Day off.

8th July
In port, Swansea.
Am. Polished one of the cannons on the boat deck again, they now need to be shined up before being oiled and wrapped which will, hopefully, prevent them from being in such a state next time they’re brought out.
Fire Drill at 1130, my station is on the bridge.
Pm. We exercised the Starboard lifeboat as part of the vessels planned maintenance routine. Both S and I had a turn at steering her. The lagging on the exhaust had worn through and it started to smoulder as we returned to the ship. The Engineers inspected it immediately and replaced the lagging.
The Chief Mate showed me how to fill out the stability spreadsheet from the daily tank readings and we then checked the resultant trim against the actual draft marks on the ships side.
Vessel steamed to anchorage near SWIGG (South West Inner Green Grounds) lightbuoy, Swansea Bay. Anchored overnight.

9th July
SWIGG  L/b – Caldey Island
Am. On deck observing buoy work.
Pm. On the bridge, 1300 -1700
Anchored overnight.
10th July
At anchor off Caldey Island
Am. Run ashore to Caldey Island.
Pm. Brass cleaning, I got the Elder Brethren’s compass binnacle, bell, vessel’s God Mother’s plaque and clock clean and put away below. Then we were re-shining the taff rail tips before oiling and wrapping them.
Anchored overnight.

11th July
Caldey Island – Lundy Island
Am. 0800- 1200 Watch. The weather is predicted to worsen in the afternoon so after servicing two buoys the ship steamed to Lundy Island for shelter.
Pm. Study.
Anchored overnight.

12th July
Lundy – Minehead
Am. Attended security and health and safety briefings.
Pm. Finished polishing, oiling and wrapping the taff rail tips on the heli-deck.
Anchored overnight.

13th July
Minehead – Coombe Martin Bay
Am. Went out on the motor boat with 2nd mate to check firing range buoys off Minehead and then I was on deck for the last lift and service of the trip.
Pm.1200-1600 watch.
Anchored overnight.

14th July
 Coombe Martin Bay - Swansea
Am. 0800-1200 watch, helmed for an hour, and then helmed under pilotage for an hour as well, bringing the ship up the Swansea channel and into the docks.
Pm. On the bridge for harbour watch. Bunkering commenced at 1456.

15th July
In port, Swansea
Crew change day.

16th July
Swansea – English & Welsh Grounds, Bristol Channel
Am. Went through the steering gear checks on the bridge with the 2nd Officer  and went below to observe the emergency steering gear checks. Went aft for letting go.
Pm. 1200-1600 watch, position plotting and got an hour and 15mins steering. Watched the Breaksea class 1 buoy being replaced.
Anchored overnight.

17th July
E&W Grounds – Barry Roads
Am. Checking all the immersion suits and life jackets on board.
Pm. Started on checking the supplies in the lifeboats.
Anchored overnight.

18th July
Barry Roads – Lundy Island
Am. Watched safety videos on heli-ops then continued checking the contents of the lifeboats. After smoko I was told to get up to the bridge to get some more steering in, and also after lunch.
Pm. Swapped with S and carried on where she’d left off with the life boats. Only thing left to do was change the fresh water in the canteens. The ones for the work boats were fine but the ones in the open lifeboats had gone rather green from sitting in such a warm place under the covers.
Anchored overnight.

19th July
Lundy Island – Milford Haven
Am. Run ashore in the morning to see Lundy.
Pm. Steamed to Milford Haven, I helmed for a couple of hours on the way and then took the helm to take her in.
Anchored overnight.

20th July
Milford Haven – Skokholm – Bishops Rock – St Brides Bay
I helmed us out of Milford Haven. The ship then met a helicopter off Skokholm to supply the lighthouse with water, and then moved on to South Bishop to supply the lighthouse with oil, water and building materials for the roof renovation.
Anchored overnight.

21st July
St Brides Bay - Swansea
Am. Steaming to Swansea, I helmed for an hour, the weather was rough and vis poor.
Pm. Spent the afternoon photographing any parts of the ship I hadn’t already taken pictures of.

22nd July
In port, Swansea.
Signed off.