Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Middle of the End

Two weeks to go, and I have finally got my game head on properly, which seems to have co-incided with me figuring out my optimal working set up (Radio 2 on the TV, sitting on the sofa, using a coffee table to rest note book on, laptop on second coffee table with ready for immediate use, reference books on the sofa next to me). It also helps that my housemate is away, he has a tendancy to come and talk about his computer game at un-useful moments, and try and make me watch zombie shows. I have also posted the following notice on our front door "Please, Do Not Disturb, I have the most important exam of my life in 2 weeks and am revising, See you after, S4" Needless to say the neighbours came knocking twice this evening, but I had to forgive them, as they were without power or heating. I gave them another candle and a torch.

Revising everything you have learnt in the last three years is no easy task, none of it is new, but I need to remember which Code I can find such-and-such information in, what annex to what legislation applies to which situation, etc. It's a drag I can tell you, but I'm getting there, and I'm also looking forward to having my own comprehensive set of notes that I will take with me to my first ship, all neatly index tabbed so I can find everything quickly and look like I know my shit really well!!

That's all for now folks, see you on the other side. S4 xx